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Best Jobs for Mature Adults

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It is no secret that the older you get the fewer job options there are available. While there are many different reasons as to why this is the case, there are quite a few jobs for mature adults that are still rewarding and sometimes even more fun to do in your twilight years. These jobs can bring you a sense of fulfillment while also providing an ample income. What types of careers work well for mature adults?

Home Healthcare Assistants

Older adults understand what it is like to have a parent, spouse or a friend go through a serious illness. As we age, our health can start to decline and our mortality is ultimately brought before us. Therefore, older people can relate to others who are going through health issues, consequently making elder care one of the best jobs for mature adults.

It may seem tipsy-turvy – a senior citizen being employed to take care of another senior citizen, but empathy is a powerful emotion, and is not doubt one of the reasons that elder care is an appealing choice of jobs for mature adults.

On a personal level, people who are sick or declining may just need someone to talk to. Elderly people who have no family or few friends look forward to a visit from a friendly face. And while a younger person can certainly possess the dedication and conviction do this job well, an older adult will have more in common or be easier to relate to for a senior person who is sick or dealing with other health issues.

Artist or Writer

Older adults may not be able to do physical labor anymore and working as a cashier or greeter at a store simply does not pay enough, but if you have artistic abilities now may a great time to make use of them.

A semi-retired person will have a lot of time to devote to their craft. With modern technology, it is easy to expand the definition of what an artist is. An artist can be someone who does more than just paint a picture. Websites that produce high-volume and various content are always looking for great articles, poems, photographs and other forms of art to post online.

In many cases, the “best jobs for mature adults” may turn out to be be favorite hobbies – except now they can make money from it. It is possible to make up to $20 or more for a single photograph on a regular basis. Someone who starts their own website can also post a few ads on their website, and make an additional stream of passive revenue. People of all ages do this already, so there’s nothing new about it, but it could be one of the best jobs for mature adults: it just takes ingenuity and little time – not driving, heavy lifting, or standing on your feet for hours.

And what about paintings, photographs, poems, or stories that you may have created in the past? For those pieces that have no strong sentiment tied to them, you’ll easily find a buyer in the massive online world that includes purchasers of unique crafts, looking for surprising gifts, or just fortunate enough to find a piece with talent that was created decades ago. Why should something in which you spent your time and talent sit in the attic or storage, when it could be enjoyed and appreciated by so many people around the world? This could be the perfect time to let your creativity bloom.


Older folks have a wealth of experience that they can share to help educate younger people. Experience and knowledge can help college students decide on a career path, small children learn math and writing, and show students of all ages that it is never too late to follow dreams, turn lifelong hobbies into rightly earned income, and take some of the pressure off of fretting about having enough in your older years.

Educators need to have certification in order to teach. However, these certifications are easy enough to obtain as mature adults often already have the necessary education to forego most or all prerequisites to get into a credential program. There are online certification or degree programs that older students can pursue. Online degrees make it faster, cheaper, and more convenient to get your education degree.

Once you have obtained your certification, you are free to teach in your field full-time. If you decide to become a substitute, you can teach in almost any educational setting. Let’s not forget that anyone who doesn’t want to get a teaching degree will always be welcomed by schools to help out in the classrooms as a teacher’s aide.

If you have taught in the past, you could always look for work as a tutor. Tutors can make great money while only working the hours that are convenient for them. If you have a certification, you can even partner with a school to provide your services. However, you can also get a job as a tutor even if you don’t have a teaching degree.

Getting older has its challenges. You have to learn how to make the best of the job market as you inch closer to retirement. Mature adults tend to get looked over for jobs for any number of reasons, but there’s always room in the job market for experienced and knowledgeable people. The trick then is to find, improve, or create a product that people will want to buy. In some cases, that may be an actual product or craft. In other cases, that product is going to be yourself and your skill set. Your life experiences gained are an incredible and viable asset. We need to get back to the mindset where individuals in their older years are referred to as “elders,” not elderly. It’s true.